About PigTiger.com

pigtiger is a global online retail company that delivers various products directly to consumers around the world. pigtiger has offered customers a convenient way to shop on line for a wide selection of lifestyle products especially fashionable clothes at cheap prices through www.pigtiger.com.


pigtiger offers products in many categories of wedding dresses,wedding party dresses,specail occasion dresses,women's clothes,men's clothes,shoes,bags and other widely high quality products at attractive price.


pigtiger.com fully realize only offering products with good quality and good service,can we get supports and trusts from our customer at every corner of the world.'Costomer Comes First' keeps us growing.


In China, there are thousands of clothes manufactures, both good and bad. We are dedicated to discover and source from best manufactures, and deliver the high quality to our customers. We don't spend millions on advertising and chains of high street stores. No big cost of warehouses, no middleman. Instead, we trim the costs and pass the savings on to our customers. In this way, we can guarantee a reasonably low price.

If you want to learn more,pls contact us through the email contact@pigtiger.com.