Affiliate for Fashion Blogger

Our affiliate program is aimed at internet bloggers who have some fans on social platforms such as facebook, twitter, pinterest, tumblr and blog etc.These stars don't have to buy our clothes, just share our fashion products on their social platforms, and their fans buy our products through sharing links, we will reward these stars with 10%-20% of the amount of each order.


The most important difference from other affiliate program is that we will mark the fans of bloggers as their customers. Bloggers can get 20% commission from their fans’ first purchase.Even if their fans continue to purchase any products directly on our website in the future, bloggers can continue to receive 10% commission on each purchase.


Our goal is to build a win-win partnership with bloggers, not just for a short time. After the fans of bloggers become our users, they are still the customers of bloggers.We assure bloggers that we are honest and we will pay you every commission truthfully.


If you are interested in our affiliate program,you can click here to learn the steps to join our affiliate program,or click here to join our affiliate program directly.You can also email us to learn more through